What CFCPILOT4CCS stands for

The CFCPILOT4CCS project aims to test an innovative carbon capture technology in an industrial environment, with the ultimate goal to accelerate industrial emissions reduction by capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) while generating low-carbon power, heat, and hydrogen as additional benefits. The Carbonate Fuel Cell (CFC) innovative solution will enhance the overall efficiency of the capture process and provide additional value streams that effectively lower the cost associated with carbon capture and storage.

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Boosting industrial-scale carbon capture efficiency

Esso Nederland BV (an affiliate of ExxonMobil) will pilot the Carbonate Fuel Cell technology, jointly developed by ExxonMobil and FuelCell Energy. Carbonate fuel cells have a unique ability to capture CO2 before they are released into the atmosphere, while also making valuable co-products. Furthermore, this technology is modular, potentially enabling carbon capture across a wide range of deployment scale.

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Where will the pilot take place?

Esso Nederland BV plans to build a pilot plant at its Rotterdam manufacturing complex to test a breakthrough technology that could significantly reduce CO2 emissions from key industries. The captured CO2 will be transported and stored via the Porthos project for permanent storage under the North Sea.

Rotterdam will be the first place in the world to pilot this technology!

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Where will the pilot plant be located?



December 18, 2023

ExxonMobil to Build CCS Pilot Plant with FuelCell Energy Using Carbonate Fuel Cell Technology

First time for carbonate fuel cell technology to be piloted for carbon capture in an industrial environment Captured CO2 will be transported and stored via the Porthos project for permanent storage under the North Sea If successful, the technology would be commercialized to reduce emissions at ExxonMobil locations and other industrial sites to help customers […]

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